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About Jack & Misty

Husband and wife Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan have been singing and making music together since the mid 60s when they met in Florida.

Their lives have followed extraordinary parallel paths throughout their lives. They were born in the same hospital in Buffalo NY to parents called John and Mary and both had a sister called Virginia. They share May as their birth month and they can both trace common ancestry to the Alsace region of Europe. They have so much in common in looks that they have at times been mistaken for brother and sister rather than man and wife.


They met during their twenties in Hollywood, Florida where they were playing piano in neighbouring night clubs and they were married one October in the mid sixties.



They started making music together almost as soon as they met and Jack produced some recordings of Misty who was then using the names Maryanne Mail or Jacqueline Hyde. In 1969 they wrote and recorded the song Tennessee Birdwalk which became a #1 hit, and which earned them a Grammy nomination and the Billboard Duo of the Year award in 1970.  They had a total of fifteen songs in the charts during the 60s and 70s and they toured in every US state apart from Hawaii during these years. They also made numerous appearances on radio and television.


All went quiet from them for a number of years and then in the early 90s they released a new album titled "Back from the Dead" on CD. During these quiet years many people had forgotten them .... but their loyal fans did not forget them and were delighted when, thanks to the Internet, Jack & Misty reappeared on the scene. A friend had given Jack his first computer as an anniversary present in 2000, enabling him to get online, and one of their staunchest fans built a website for them around this time.

Since being online they have gained many more new fans as well .... including myself.


Jack now runs a business he calls his 'Music Hospital' in which he restores and remasters songs for many other artists. He has also remastered his and Misty's songs and over the last few years, thanks to OMNI Recordings in Australia, three more CDs of their songs have been released (November 2005, April 2007 and May 2008). They have also compiled a new compilation of their songs, "Taveling Music", which is on CD Baby.


Jack & Misty are uniquely talented country music artists. Their harmonies are both superb and distinctive, with Jack's bass voice blending so well with Misty's rich alto. Jack is an real artist with words having the ability to "paint a picture with words". He has composed the majority of the songs they sing and their songs cover the whole range of life's experience. They also have an album of fun songs (or "crazy" songs as Jack's describes them) called "Jack & Misty are Crazy".


They are both accomplished keyboard artists playing much of their own background music and Jack also plays guitars. They have been accompanied by some of the best musicians in the business on their recordings including Hargus (Pig) Robbins, Pete Drake, Lloyd Green, Buddy Emmons, Weldon Myrick, Buddy Spicher, Vassar Clements, Henry Strelecki, Junior Huskey, Bob Moore, Jackie Raye, Billy Sanford, Pete Wade, Jerry Shook, Doug Tarrant, Charlie McCoy, Bobby Thompson, Larrie London, Buddy Harmon, Ronny Caban, Pete Wade, Kelso Hurston .... and others..


Jack & Misty have to be heard to be appreciated. Their songs just get better with the playing. They have something about them that gives them a "must listen again ... and again .... and again" quality. No how many times I listen to their songs I just NEVER, ever get tired of hearing them. I just grow to love them more each day. Many of their songs have recently been remastered by Jack to make them sound even better.




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