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How My Dance Came to be Written ..... and the Sequel

Up until early 2005 it had never occurred to me that I would ever be a choreographer, but after first hearing the song Tennessee Birdwalk on Internet radio in November 2004 I felt it would be an ideal song to dance to.


I set about searching the online websites for a dance already choreographed to it and I couldn't find one ..... so I decided to have a go myself. Having never choreographed a dance before I was learning as I went along. I found it fairly easy to work out some suitable steps to fit the music, but then the hard part ..... how did I put them down on paper in a format that other dancers could understand?


I studied other dance scripts to see how it was done and by following the formats used for the step sequences I was using I was able to build my stepsheet. I then took it to one of my teachers to see if he could understand what I had written and he confirmed that he could.


The next step was to post my dance script up on a couple of the major line dance websites. I also e-mailed it to a number of teachers in the hope that they would teach it. This strategy paid off and within a month a teacher from Yorkshire became the first one to teach my dance. She also posted it on her website.


Since then my dance has been taught in at least twelve counties in the UK and at least two states in the USA .... and it has also reached Rotterdam in the Netherlands and, more recently, Budapest in Hungary .... and these are only the places that I know about. On some occasions I have only learnt about the places it is being danced months after they learnt it. If I ever succeed in getting it published in the line dance magazines it will encourage even more people to learn it. I have received some really good feedback from some of the teachers and dancers who have been enjoying it .... see Reviews.


Throughout this time Jack & Misty were kept fully informed about my dance and its progress and they adopted it as the official line dance for their website. With their full co-operation and with the help of a young webmaster from the Netherlands I was encouraged to try and build my own website which was linked to Jack & Misty's website. That original website was online for a couple of years .... but due to my previous hosting company changing hands, resulting in my domain name lapsing, that website went off-line and I decided to start from scratch again with this new website.


I hope you enjoy it.


Places Tennessee Birdwalk has been danced:

In the UK: 

Yorkshire,  Cheshire,  Staffordshire,   Shropshire,  Essex,  Anglesey,

Gwynedd,  Powys,  Berkshire,  Merseyside,  Devon, Greater Manchester.

In Europe:

Rotterdam in the Netherlands

Budapest in Hungary

In the USA:

Washington, DC 

Sanford, Florida


There may well be other places I do not know about. Some of the places listed had been dancing it for several months before I found out about it.


Last updated November 2012




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